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If a male has impotency problems, the Zenegra can be perfect in treating erectile dysfunction problems. This medicine works in much the way as Viagra does, except that it is a different brand name, but the active ingredient used, which is Seldenafil Citrate is basically the same, which acts upon the nitrates, released during sexual stimulation, increasing the blood flow to the penis and thus stimulating sexual activity.

How does it work?
The drug simply increases the blood supply to the penis, by decreasing the flow of enzymes PDE-5 in the body, since it reduces the blood supply to the penis. The drug then acts upon increasing the release of cGMP enzyme system, which increases the blood flow to the penis. The penile muscles are also stretched, because of this medicine, which helps in better blood flow. In this way, the problem of getting and maintaining an erection goes away.
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The drug is in pill form, and the standard dosage is 100 mg. The medicine is supposed to be taken at least 20 minutes prior to any sexual activity. Make sure that you take the pill as a whole, and should not crush or break or chew the pill. Furthermore, make sure you take the pill with the water, so that the sildenafil citrate can dissolve quickly. If you increase the dosage before the actual interval has passed, then you may face certain side effects. Older men should 50mg pill initially and if there are no side effects, then the dosage can be increased.

You need to ensure that you do not overdose, since it can lead to side effects. Moreover, you should consume this medicine with any drugs that contain nitrates, because it can be potentially lethal to your health. It can lead to a cardiac arrest or even a comma. Sometimes recreational drugs, known as poppers also contain this nitrates. When you are using this medicine, do not use alcohol, since in some cases, it can lead to stomach bleeding. Patients, who have diabetes, or have kidney and liver issues, should also not consume this medicine. If you have any allergies, make sure that you do not take this medicine.

Side Effects
You may experience side effects in certain circumstances, which may include dizziness, upset stomach, flushing of the face, and diarrhea. However, remember that these side effects are only temporary. If you experience breathing problems, or skin rashes, or an increase in heart beat, then you should seek medical attention straightaway.

Much of the uses, dosages and ingredients of Zenegra (Sildenafil Citrate) are same as other pills for treating erectile dysfunction, but if you want a cheaper option, this is the best one.