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A common problem in the contemporary world includes erectile dysfunction or impotency. It has been a source of depression for many men around the globe. However, it is not a permanent problem, and with some help, it can be improved, so that you can have a normal sex life. Tadacip (Tadalafil) helps men in dealing with this problem.

How does this drug work?
This drug composes an active ingredient, known as Tadalafil. This ingredient is also found in Cialis, which is a more glorified brand name. However, Tadacip is cheaper, and has helped millions of men globally. Tadalafil helps in relaxing of the muscles, especially the smooth muscles of the penis. This substance increases the blood flow into the penis, which helps in having and maintaining erections. Furthermore, it also helps in the treatment of pulmonary artery, which increases the sexual performance in men, as well.

This medicine comes in tablet form, with varying strengths, which include 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. Each packet contains 10 tablets. Before using this medicine, consult the doctor about the required amount of dosage for you. This medicine should be taken once a day, so it is important that you do not take more. Otherwise, you may have problems, relating to overdose. This tablet must be taken every day, even if you do not perform sexual intercourse.
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Make sure that people who are on nitrates, which are used for heart failures and chest pain should not use this drug, since it may increase their blood pressure, and bring about a stroke, heart attack or even worse, a comma. Additionally, some recreational drugs, known as poppers also contain these nitrates, which should not be used, when you are using this drug. Furthermore, women and children under 18 years of age should not use this medicine. If your erection lasts for 4 hours, which it shouldn’t, then you should seek medical attention straightaway. If the erection becomes painful, go to a doctor immediately. Smoking and drinking alcohol should also be stopped, as it can have disastrous effects on your health and can lessen the efficiency of this medicine.

Side Effects
Every drug has some form of side effect. Some of the common side effects include dizziness, vomiting, body pain, numbness, tingling in neck and arm. However, if you have a prolonged erection, this could damage the penis. Under worst circumstances, some side effects can also include vision loss, visual disturbances, or even high cholesterol and diabetes, and heart stroke. If there is swelling of the mouth, tongue and lips, or redness on the neck, face and chest, then you should seek medical attention.

Proceed with extreme care, when using medications.