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What is generic levitra

When we see the term Levitra, the first thing that comes to our mind is Generic Levitra. This thought is immediately succeeded by the second thought – how to order generic levitra online without prescription? But before getting into that detail, we must first know what the generic levitra is all about.

What is generic levitra?

Levitra or generic levitra is a kind of drug that is used to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. The term levitra is a commercial name given to the drug. The drug itself is known as Verdenafil HCl.

Just like Viagra, the Levitra comes in the form of pills. But the Levitra has proved to be much more efficient than its better known counterpart Viagra. A small dose of Levitra has effects that equal large doses of Viagra. So open the net and order generic levitra online without prescription.

How does the Levitra work?

Men suffering from ED are advised to take one pill, an hour before an intercourse. The drug relaxes the muscles, allows more blood to flow in and help’s the individual to attain a longer lasting erection. It has been widely said that unlike the Viagra, the Levitra is not an aphrodisiac. This drug does not stimulate the sexual desires in a man but rather helps him to attain a longer lasting erection during the intercourse.

Order generic Levitra online.

Individuals suffering from ED often find it difficult to discuss about their problems open heartedly either to close friends or to the doctor. Even if they come to know about the wonders of the Levitra, they lack the courage enough to go to the chemist’s shop and ask for the pills.

For these men who find it really embarrassing to ask for Levitra from a shop, there is only one solution i.e. to order generic Levitra online. Realizing the psyche of these men, many pharmaceutical companies have put on online sale of this magic drug. The normal dosage of this drug is 20mg. These companies offer the Levitra in strips of 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 pills. And the best part when you order generic Levitra online is the various offers that you get on your purchase. Firstly, you are entitled to discounts. Order generic levitra online without prescription in bulk and it will reduce the cost per pill. Secondly you get Viagra pills for free and thirdly you are also entitled to free shipping of the pills.

And yes your privacy is assured one hundred percent. All these benefits have lead more and more people to order generic levitra online without prescription.