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It is not a secret that ED drugs have become popular these days. This is because they are not only highly effective, convenient to take and affordable, but also because they help relieve stress and the feeling of discomfort men experience when facing erectile dysfunction. This problem, however, becomes a burning one nowadays. Though it is assumed that it affects only older men, it may become frustrating for younger men as well.

ED drugs are used to enhance potency and sex drive in men. They increase the circulation of blood in genital area and help muscles relax, which results in strong erection that may last for hours. If this sounds unbelievable to you, then you should certainly try this option. These medications are available in several types nowadays. The main types are oral medicines, natural drugs and special injections that help reach and maintain good erection, which will make it possible for a man to satisfy the sexual needs of his partner and get immense pleasure from the sexual intercourse. Let us learn the difference between these ED drugs below.

Oral tablets enjoy great popularity with men these days. Their major active components are tadalfil, sidenafil and vardenafil. They are found in such medications as Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. They are frequently considered powerful sexual stimulators and help both partners get ultimate pleasure from a sexual intercourse. They ensure prolonged effect, which may range from four and up to forty-eight hours. Those patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction triggered by the lack of testosterone may benefit from taking ED drugs that contain this active ingredient. Such medicines increase the level of this hormone in blood, thus making it possible to achieve and sustain erection.

No matter what medication you will decide to opt for, you will have to choose between its generic version and a brand-name alternative. Actually, the difference between them is not that significant, because they contain the same active chemical ingredients and affect a patient’s health in a similar way. What you will be impressed with is the cost of these medications. Thus, brand-name ED drugs may be several times more expensive than generic ones, which are not easy to find at local US pharmacies, by the way. Why is this situation observed? It is often claimed that it results from the increased call for market monopolization and protectionism aimed at ensuring ultimate safety for the US local residents. However, it is customers who suffer from this policy, since they have to pay more for brand-name drugs.

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